Our boundaries

Going Circular acts within the boundaries set by society. People have expectations regarding animal health & welfare, people & society and the environment. This implicitly means that trade-offs have to be made between these three sustainability elements.

 Animal Health & Welfare

Animal health and welfare is important to farmers and stakeholders. We are passionate about helping our customers and train them to feed their animals properly, and keep them healthy. The most important principle here is that every animal receives the appropriate amount of nutrients for its basic needs. Through innovation and nutrition, as well as the contribution of our knowledge and advice to farmers and other partners in the sector, we are constantly working to improve animal health and welfare.

People & society

As a socially responsible organization, safety is a basic principle for farmers. This concerns both the safety of our employees in providing a safe working environment and the safety of society by ensuring feed quality and safety. We also consider the development of our people and their increased knowledge as a way of working towards a more sustainable organization as well as the chain as a whole.


Minimizing  the impact  we have on the environment, is an essential element of our sustainability strategy Going Circular. This strategy is focused on the principles of the circular economy. A circular way of working is better for the environment, as there is no waste and pollution and the most important of all, is the fact that the natural systems are regenerative.

For the livestock industry, this means amongst others supporting biodiversity and reducing emissions such as greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide) and nitrogen and phosphorous. Farmer is able to influence these emissions in its own operations (production and transport), in its raw material supply chain, and by helping our farmer customers reduce their own environmental impact through products and advice.